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The Tiltenberg at Vogelzang is the Great Seminary of the diocese Haarlem (Netherlands) where students are educated for priesthood. I have wondered, which youngster in this time and in this world chooses to become a priest, and for what reasons.
I also wanted to find out what it means for a young seminary student to live in two such different worlds, the one of the Catholic Church and the one of modern Dutch society.
In a series of portraits of students at the Tiltenberg, completed with photographs of interiors, made in the seminary, and in their own student rooms, I have documented my vision.
The portraits show where the students are standing in the process of preparation for priesthood. In combination with the portraits the photographs of interiors show the field of tension between the ecclesiastical and the civil world.
The order is: first a portrait, then a combination of photographs made in the private room of the portrayed student, and then a still from the common spaces in the seminary. Thus sequences of each time 3 photographs are combined. The series has been made as final project for graduation at the Photography Academy Amsterdam.

ISBN: 9789053306857
Linnen cover 23 x 23 cm.
55 photos in full colour
25,00 euro



The attendants of the Hermitage Museum
From september 2010 till september 2011 the exhibition Ermitazhniki has been on show in the Hermitage museum in Amsterdam.
This cahier was produced by Schilt Publishing and Lucia Ganieva

ISBN: 9789053307458
cahier with colourphoto's
15 EUR


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